Backpack Sew-along #11: Finishing Assembly

We have come to the last post for the sew-along. Now we only have to sew the backpack front and sides to the back. This step is harder mainly because you are working with more layers. If you trimmed 1/2″ around the padding then this will be easier, however, you still have straps to sew through too.

The first thing is to make sure your straps are securely attached. Even though you will be stitching over again it is a good idea to make sure it’s secure beforehand. You would hate to have your straps to rip off your backpack.

When sewing on the sides you will want to use the techniques I mention in the day 7 post. Before you start stitching, make sure you OPEN ZIPPER a little bit otherwise, you will find you can’t turn your backpack right side out! Make sure all markings and notches match up. Stitch slowly around the curves and make sure all the layers are lined up.

Once you are done stitching and binding the seam you can turn your backpack and you are done! Make sure you share pictures of your backpack on Instagram and use the tag #caseybackpack.

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