Vogue 9171

I loved the look of this tunic on the model, not so much on me. However I love the fabric so much, I will still wear this tunic often. The fabric I found at an online store that I had come upon, called Fabric Fashion Club. I saw this cotton/lycra print and immediately ordered 3 1/2 yards. It only cost me $13.83! When I first got the fabric, it felt awful and I didn’t think it would work for this tunic. It was stiff like cheap broadcloth, but then I washed the fabric. It came out soft and with the perfect body for the tunic. It wasn’t even all that wrinkled, which I usually don’t find when washing cotton.

The tunic sewed up easily. However the pattern has you doing a lot of hand sewing. I spent an entire day hand sewing (while watching tv). I don’t think I would make this pattern again, but I do want more of this fabric. Too bad they ran out. They do have it in just black and white, I might just get some.

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