Agent P and Pinkie Pie

Both costumes are made from a basic jumpsuit and modified to fit the character being made. I am not so sure I like the Pinkie Pie costume, but my daughter loves it. I really like the Agent P costume, it came out better than I expected. Perry the Platypus was made using McCall’s 4945. I made changes …


I hand embroidered the Anna costume. Took me 120 hours. Now I could do it by machine in a lot less time. The Kristoff costume tunic is self-drafted. I also knitted the sweater worn underneath, it was my first knitting project.


This costume was harder to sew up than I had expected it to be. Here are the pictures of my daughter’s Tinkerbell costume and the Tinkerbell costume for her baby. The picture came out great despite the windy day. The wings kept flapping forward in the wind, however the skirt looked great in the wind.


So I finished the Merida costume as I mentioned before. Check out my daughter wearing it with all the accessories.


So I have completed the Rapunzel and Flynn costumes for my kids. Check them out… I think I preferred the Flynn vest without the buckles. The buckles just didn’t work out how I expected them too.