Wedding Dress

Creating a custom wedding dress can be challenging. I started with sketching out ideas based on what looked good on the bride when we tried on dress at the store. Then I took detailed measurements and made a moulage. I was then able to create a pattern from the moulage which was made in cheap fabric as a muslin. Once that fitted perfectly, we bought silk charmeuse fabric and cotton lace. I had to finish the laces edges to get the organic edge to it. I underlined and lined the entire dress to add body and opacity. The finished dress came out perfectly.

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  1. As the lucky girl the above wedding dress was for, I think this dress came out perfect! It was exactly what I wanted! Every girl wants the wedding dress of their dreams, and I got it!. After dress shopping at stores, I could not find a dress that I fell in love with nor that flattered my body perfectly. Candace took the ideas I loved about each dress I tried on and incorporated them into the above dress she made me. Of course I wanted some difficult things, like the lace scalloped back, but Candace made it happen better then I could ever imagine!

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