Pinkie Pie Costume

This year my daughter wants to dress up as Pinkie Pie for Halloween. If you don’t know who Pinkie Pie is she is a My Little Pony.

After looking at some commercial costumes of Pinkie Pie, I decided I wanted to make a jumpsuit with a hood and add a mane and tail. Easier than last years Anna costume.

So I bought Candy Pink Blizzard Fleece and Hot Pink Anti-Pill Fleece at Joann’s. I have cut out the pattern so far. The tricky part will be to make the mane and tail curly.

I bought a Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark embroidery design from CuteHandmadeBoutique on Etsy and gave it a test run. It came out great!


Now I just have to start embroidering it on the cut out fabric and start sewing.

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