New Sewing Machine!

I just bought my first sewing/embroidery machine! I have only ever had basic mechanical sewing machines, never a digital machine. Now I can embroider! That is going to change how I sew. Well maybe not so much, but there have been times I wish I could have embroidered something on a garment I made. Especially on costumes, like the Anna costume I hand embroidered and spent over 100 hours doing so!

I also re-arranged my sewing area in the living room. Take a look…



The new setup is less cramped but takes up more of the living room, mostly space that wasn’t being used anyway. However, come Christmas… I am not sure where the tree will go since I am using the space we usually put it.

Anyway, my new Creative 4.5 is wonderful. It sews so much better than my old mechanical Kenmore. Don’t get me wrong the Kenmore was nice, a great learning or hobbyist machine. But now I am more advance, try to do techniques that the Kenmore was not made to handle. I am also no longer a hobbyist.

I still need to learn more before I can do embroidery on an item. I did some test runs. Check out this one:

I used the 3 fonts it came with as well as added an included embroidery design. I had some thread breaking problems and changed embroidery thread brand halfway through. It turned out the size 11 embroidery needle was the problem and I used a size 14 for the rest and had no issues (I can’t find size 12). It still came out fairly well even with all the issues, for a test run that is.

I got the large embroidery unit which is huge. I am not sure where to store it!

The only space is next to the radiator, which will not be safe when the heat is turned on in a few months. I will have to find a new location by then.

Now I just need to find software to make my own embroidery designs. Any suggestions/recommendations?

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