How to Make an Eevee Costume

Last year my daughter was Eevee for Halloween. I thought I would share how I made it. I decided to make it a dress, using inspiration from pinterest.  I used Simplicity 1382 with some alterations. I had made this pattern before which I posted review for here. I really liked how this pattern looked on my daughter.

I started be removing the heart opening in the back and planned on adding a zipper for the closure. I also added sleeves. I used another Simplicity pattern that had a long sleeve (I can’t remember which one) to make the sleeve. I made sure the measurement for the armhole matched the sleeve.

I made the dress using faux suede which I bought at Joann’s Fabrics. I lined it with lining fabric, including the skirt. For the fur chest I cut a piece of faux fur I bought in the design I wanted. I attached snaps to the dress and the fur so that it was removable, allowing the dress to be worn for more than just a costume (she for it for portraits and it looked great).

I made a tail by drawing on a large piece of paper the tail shape I wanted. I cut it out in suede and zigzag stitched the fur on the tip of the tail. I then sewed two tails together and stuffed it. I added a loop before closing the hole and topstitched over where the loop was attached. I made a belt to go with the tail. The tail is put on the belt and the belt is worn over the dress.

I made the ears using a bunny ear pattern but modifying the shape a bit. I sewed them up. I put pipe cleaners inside along the edges and then topstitched on the other side of the pipe cleaners making a channel. I hot glued the ears to a brown headband.

I made a tulle skirt to be worn underneath the dress.

I think the costume came out great. Sorry I don’t have any photos from my progress but here are the final photos.

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