How to Make an Ash Ketchum Costume – Shirt

This year my son want to be Ash Ketchum for Halloween. Ash is the main character from the Pokemon tv series. Each series of Pokemon show Ash has a different outfit. My son chose the X&Y series outfit for his costume.

Of course there is no pattern for this costume. I started by looking for patterns that had some similar appearance to Ash’s clothing.


I chose Simplicity 4760 for the shirt, namely because I already owned it and had made my son a shirt from it before that still fit well. I had to make a lot of modifications. I bought some pattern paper to use ti draft the new pattern. I laid the Simplicity pattern beneath it and traced it off. Then I made modifications.

I started the back. The pattern doesn’t have a center back seam, so I added one by adding seam allowance to the center back fold line. I then drafted the curved back yoke and made a separate piece, making sure I added seam allowance to the bottom part as well as the yoke.

I then took away some of the side to make the angled white strip on the side of the shirt. I also moved the shoulder seam down for the stripe there too. I also did this to the front.

To the front I also created the same curved yoke. I drafted the front band which folds into the inside. The circle part was tricky for the yoke and front band.

The sleeves on the original pattern were not to my liking. When my son wore the shirt I had made previously the bottom of the sleeve hung at an angle. Ash’s hangs straight, so I drafted a new sleeve using a shirt my son had that had a sleeve like that. The sleeve just had a higher curve to it then the pattern sleeve. I did measure the sleeve and armhole to make sure they would match.

I chopped up the sleeve to add the stripe and added seam allowance where needed. I had to square off the collar and shorten it by 1″.

The shirt I made my son previously was a little shorter than we liked for the costume so I didn’t take away any length when I was drafting for the bottom band.  I drafted the bottom band to include the side stripes all in one piece.

Here is a quick pictorial on how I assembled it. I started by stay-stitching all the curves.


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