How to Make a Pikachu Costume

Sorry I meant to post this last year when I made this costume but never got around to it. Since my daughter is planning on wearing her brother’s costume from last year this year, I thought I would share how I made it.

Pokemon is very popular right now and my son just loves it. He plays the games, watches the shows and reads the books. He wanted to be Pikachu for Halloween last year but there were no costume patterns available. So I had to make my own.

I started with a basic jumpsuit with a hood pattern. I used McCall’s 4945, but there are many newer jumpsuit with hood patterns available. What the pattern needs to be successful is a back seam and a three piece hood.

Next I drafted a tail and ears pattern pieces. Starting with the tail I measured out on a large piece of paper how high I wanted the tail to go, that would be the top most point of the tail. Draw out the tail shape, use pictures of Pikachu’s tail to help. Add seam allowance and cut out, you now have a pattern piece for the tail.

I sewed the tail on when sewing the back seam of the jumpsuit. I tacked the upper part of the tail along the back seam as well to keep the tail standing, after I appliqued the brown stripes to the back.

The ears were the hardest part. I couldn’t get them to stand and my first pair looked awful. I remade them and they look better but they will just have to stay floppy. I had also embroidered Pikachu’s face on the hood pieces using this embroidery design from Designed By Geeks.

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the process but here are some photos of the finished product.


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