Custom Costumes

If you wish to order a custom made costume please use the form here. Turn around time for custom orders will be 1-3 months depending on the complexity of the order.

Fitting: If you live near Milford, New Hampshire then it would be best to do an in-person fitting. If you live further away you will need to give us precise measurements.

Payment: A 50% deposit is required at the time of signing. The final 50% is due at the final fitting or before shipping. We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Cards


All of my digital sewing patterns are available on Etsy.


Keira Gundman

As the lucky girl the above wedding dress was for, I think this dress came out perfect! It was exactly what I wanted! Every girl wants the wedding dress of their dreams, and I got it!. After dress shopping at stores, I could not find a dress that I fell in love with nor that flattered my body perfectly. Candace took the ideas I loved about each dress I tried on and incorporated them into the above dress she made me. Of course I wanted some difficult things, like the lace scalloped back, but Candace made it happen better then I could ever imagine!

Keira Gundman
Electrical Engineer / L3 KEO

Jani Lovelace

Candace is amazing! She made everything I needed for our newborn. Diaper bag that is super organized and easy to use and carry. It's also very chic! I get compliments all the time. Bibs, blankets, durable changing pad, matching sister outfits, toys, stuffed animals, pajamas, baby sling. She just recently made the most awesome baby book, completely embroidered alphabet with picture scenes on each page. The attention to detail and the amount of work that went into it blows me away! These are irreplaceable items. They will be cherished always. There is no possible way to buy this quality of items in a store. Great gifts for the special people in your life.

Jani Lovelace
Owner / Spicewood Medical Massage


My mom was always sewing something when I was a child. I loved looking through her fabric and patterns, designing clothing for my mom to make. Sewing was a strong part of my childhood.

Now that I am a mother, I love to sew for my children. My daughter is always looking through my fabric and patterns, just as I did. I especially love sewing costumes and clothing for special events. I have more than 10 years of experience sewing. I have sewn costumes, a wedding dress, children’s clothing, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, coats and crafts. I make a new costume every year for my children, the sky’s the limit for their choices. I go all out to make them perfect. I made my daughter an Anna costume for which I learned embroidery so I could hand embroider it. I spent over 30 hours working on embroidery for the dress. I even learned to knit so I could make a sweater for my son’s Kristoff costume. I am mostly self-taught, taking online courses and reading books for special skills. I have learned couture techniques from an online class taught by Sarah Khalje. From what I learned in that class and from my pattern making classes, I was able to design a custom silk wedding dress for my sister.


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